A Comprehensive Guide to Go Programming

Baiju Muthukadan

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Brief Biography

I studied for Civil Engineering at REC Calicut (NIT Calicut) in 1998-2002, but changed my career to Software. One of my major FOSS project I started during this time was Swathanthra Malayalam Computing. After college, I joined Free Software Foundation of India as an employee in August 2002. Later I worked as a consultant for Koha and contributed to that project. In 2004, I joined a startup and worked on Python projects. During these days, I became a core contributor to Zope. I started my public speaking in 2006 and the topics were mostly Python related. Few years later (2007), I moved to Bangalore and joined ZeOmega. During all these years, I have contributed to many FOSS projects. In 2013, I received the first Kenneth Gonsalves Award for my contributions to Indian Python community. My past writings include a book about Zope component architecture, Selenium (Python) and BlueBream documentation. In 2013, I started learning Go and used it for few of my projects. In 2016, I joined Red Hat and started full time working in Go. I was a speaker at first GopherCon India (2015). I have conducted many Go workshops in various parts of India.